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Olafur Arnolds Live on KEXP

Icelandic metal drummer turned neo-classical virtuoso, Olafur Arnalds offers a refreshing perspective to both acoustic and electronic worlds. In a similar tonal vein as Sigur Ros, his music requires an ear for subtlety; be pateint and let it take over your thoughts. I’ve included a link to sites where he’s posted low res downloads of his music (14 songs in all) for free, including some of the pieces featured in this performance . Personally, I’m looking out for his discography on vinyl. Put this on to endure winter’s embrace.


Found Songs

Living Room Songs

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The Clock On the Wall Has Been Stuck at 3 for Days and Days

With a newfound understanding of the true meaning of theses lyrics, I find myself in awe and amazement. What I had once believed was a mildly sentimental song about hanging on a shaky relationship, now transforms into a beautifully crippling heartwrench. “She said ‘It’s cold outside,” and she hands me a raincoat. She’s always worried about things like that.” I sit misty-eyed in front of my computer, replaying each of the lines in my head and everything resonates. Put this on to appreciate the magic that can only be achieved through song.

– W

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The Civil Wars cover MJ’s Billie Jean


With a sound reminiscent of the ghostly fallen who died on home soil, The Civil Wars stand out amongst the drone of so many acoustic songwriters. You may know them from the Hunger Games soundtrack, with Taylor Swift providing the lead vocals on “Safe & Sound”. They’ve got a three song live set posted at LaundroMatinee, with a link to download the audio for free. Amongst that set is a fan favorite, Billie Jean originally by Michael Jackson. This song has been covered countless times, and somehow this version doesn’t feel stale. Put this on for slow dancing with spirits.


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Listen Both Ways

This one’s for Kelsey (and probably any other fans of Florence & The Machine, Of Monsters & Men, The Hush Sound, anything indie/folk/soul/big band/pop really).

Click To Download Full Album “Running From A Gamble”


The Chicago based quartet is really growing on me, and it hasn’t taken long. Their energy and life pops without coming across as overbearing or annoying, as many female-fronted electrifolk acts have the tendency to do. Fronted by vocalist/founding member Genevieve Schatz, she is urgent and powerful in her message; all the while, maintaining an attractively creepy tone with eccentric syllable pronunciation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that for 4 minutes in a coffee shop, my life turns into a musical episode of a sitcom and this will be what everyone is belting. Put this on to help discover the wonders of caffeine.


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The accordion is such a polarizing instrument. When used properly it creates a soft, subtle tonal layer that plays off the acoustics of the rest of the performance. When used improperly, it is comparable to scratching cats with chalkboards. Yes, using the whole chalkboard to scratch a cat – it would sound horrendous.

Luckily, I have included an example of the former as the first in a weekly series of proper covers.

What do you want to hear covered?


What The Folk?

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alascA: Never Cry Wolf

This one’s cold and creepy- natural instruments provide a soft texture against the grain of the electric swells. Hope is found inside this collision of sound.

Buy on iTunes

Excellence is brought upon by commitment. Those who commit to the facts of their ideal life will always have a direction. Many complain of the exhaustive effort of giving up smoking cigarettes. They have trouble with the idea of changing their life, to committing to the idea that they can become a person who doesn’t want and doesn’t need to smoke. Once the destination has been established, every choice from then on must be made with the intent to reach that place. This place, this ideal life, will become clearer with time.
The next step is so very essential, because it’s the only way to stay focused. My goal is to spread knowledge and culture to those with their eyes open in the dark. Every decision that I make with regards to this future version of myself must be made so as to increase the likelihood of this future.
I don’t have any psychic abilities; connection to the universe is a choice to make. I chose to take off the hood, to lift my chin up towards the light and let my feet follow themselves.


What is your ideal vision?

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New in Sound: Acoustic Guitar Crafted Using 3-D printer

3-D printing is not a particularly new technology, though its bounds are constantly being pushed. The process can be understood as a series of minute building blocks. The printer releases a gummy substance in exhaustively small amounts, which solidify as more is applied, eventually creating a three dimensional object consisting of hardened powder.

Scott Summit, founder of Bespoke Innovations, uses this technology to create prosthetic limbs. By scanning the body, computers are able to design and produce a fully functional, body-appropriate prothesis.

Summit’s endeavors are not limited to medicine. Shown below is an acoustic guitar printed through this method, using nylon and bit of stainless steel and sterling silver for the neck and head stock – Summit’s was the first of its kind. For a modest 4k, a small home office sized 3-D printer could be yours – though you won’t be making guitars.


“It’s rich and full and has a great tonal range,” according to Summit.

While it may seem odd that a nylon guitar could produce the proper delicate sound, it’s really about understanding the way an acoustic guitar functions (More on that in a later post, stay tuned). Summit has full manipulation of the shape of the guitar down to a incremental level; the possibilities for sound customization are only in beginning stages.

Nylon isn’t the only substance used for 3-D printing. If you can melt a substance – metals like silver or steel, for instance, – and turn it into a powder, then you can print with it.

 What would you 3-D print first?

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Week 1: New Playlist

This is the first in a series of weekly playlists. Sometimes they will be themed, this one is not. I will try to upload playlists of 12 tracks or more, every Wednesday. This week features a simply beautiful acoustic piece by The Narrative, a smoothed-out bass heavy Bon Iver remix, and more. Enjoi

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