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Get The Funk Up!

Here’s  some goodies you can take with you. A ten song playlist filled with spectacular electronic grooves. Some are uplifting and motivational, others are heartwrenchingly beautiful. They’re all worth a listen. Put this on while exploring jungles, perhaps concrete jungles.

– W


1. Fracx – For The World

2. Deep Focus – The Truth

3. Ramses B – Lone Wanderer

4. Yume – There There

5. Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

6. Ollie Macfarlane – True

7. Mr FijiWiji – Apathy ft. CoMa

8. Krewella – Alive (MitiS Remix)

9. MitiS – In My Eyes

10. MitiS – Live Long

Download via Mediafire

For more bass heavy playlists, click here or here
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This track gives me hope! Hope for the new direction of EDM; hope for a newfound joy of life; hope that some day soon, glowing purple will descend from the clouds and take all of us funky, groovy, party people to a musical utopia. Put this on while waiting to board.

He’s calling his genre Lovestep, which is pleasantly appropriate. Visit his Soundcloud for more tracks and some free downloads.

Also, be sure to follow MrSuicideSheep on YouTube to up your daily dosage of bumpin beats.

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Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll

I don’t usually post club hits, but this is gonna be big. This track’s got everything: a heavy, danceable beat, synths effected to insanity, and a vocal sample that’s sure to get everyone hyped. There’s been such a movement towards darkness that these inspirational anthems are a breath of fresh bass. The message here is one of modest brilliance: EDM is gradually replacing Rock ‘n Roll. These kids are freaking over sounds that past generations hear as offensive noise. They want things raw, dripping with energy and surging with power. And this all makes sense in a world that becomes more infused with technology everyday. Play this while defending your home from zombies.



What do you think? Is this Dubstep/House/Electrobanger craze just this decade’s fad or have the kids really struck gold?



Here’s the video from which the speech is sampled. At over 5 million views, I’m sure you’ve seen it, but it never ceases to inspire.

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“From the cave of snail shells echoes the mutter medieval spells”

This one gets weird and so can you. 15 tracks that keep the groove ever-a-changing. Highlights include CFCF, CocoRosie, and a mellow breakfast-time Sufjan Stevens Remix.  Put this on while fondling ghosts.


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IDM: Dance Music For Your Brain, Not Your Booty

Repetitive kick drum, heavy baselines, glowlight accessories, alcohol, drugs, LOUD, LOUD, LOUD! These are all commonly associated with modern club music, also known as EDM (Electronic Dance Music). This is not a new trend; anyone walking into a club should expect to be hearing this genre of music played at the highest possible volume.

EDM DJs/Producers have become the rockstars of the 21st centuries, selling out massive venues to thousands of bass-hungry youths. In recent years, the genre’s darkness has become more mainstream with the emergence of subgenres like DrumN’Bass, Dubstep, and Electro that push the levels of what is acceptable, what is palatable, and what the coked-out kids want pumping into their ear holes.

Photo courtesy of brobible.com

“But I don’t like blaring noises, chest-crushing bass blasts, drinking, darkness, dancing, sweating, designer drugs, or other people and the monotony of traditional instruments makes every song sound the same,” you may be whining to yourself. Fret no longer, complainer of the arts, there is a solution for you called IDM.

IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) arose in the early 1990s with artists who were intrigued by the capabilities of what could be accomplished by making music using computers, but felt that following the guidelines of pre-established musical genres did not fulfill their potential. Focused on individual experimentation of sound rather than repackaging a successful product, artists such as Aphex Twin began releasing tracks that combined elements found in House music with ambient tones and soundscapes. The result has a home in both nightclubs and living rooms.

The term IDM has been met with some disdain, especially from EDM producers who are put down by the implied elitism of the genre’s moniker. As I see it, the label refers more to the audience than the musicians themselves, but Mellow, Intellectual, Loner-Stoner Dance Music doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. IDM artists are not inherently more talented, nor have they necessarily crafted their skill more aptly than EDM producers – it is merely a way to distinguish partying noise-addicts from subdued sonic-sculptors.

The key distinction here in tonality. Does the song make suburban mother’s shake their fists and neon hooligans run rampant? Then it’s EDM. Does the song build slowly with subtle changes in melody and rhythm, giving you space for contemplation and would probably sound better after a joint? That’s IDM.

Below is some IDM 101, because music was meant to be listened to. Put this on before thinking-over a decision.


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Vessel: Court of Lions

This is still dance music, to a degree. It’s dark, heavy beats and oddstyle sampling give it more of an IDM feel, but it’s keeping me interested nonetheless. Turn off your lights, take off your clothes, get stoned, and rub against your carpet  for the next 6 minutes – there’s a bit of yourself to be lost in the texture.

Vessel doesn’t have this particular track for sale, so I’ve included some extra goodies. For those with a bit more sensibility, here is Nylon Sunset, featuring easy to digest pads, a simple beat, and mild sampling. Below is a link to their iTunes page where more mellow sounds can be found.


Vessel on iTunes

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