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Live Simply



Memory House Old Haunts (LTR Remix)
Olafur Arnalds Near Light
Mornings Vermont
The Sea and Cake Harps
ODEZA iPlayYouListen
Lord Huron Time To Run
Company of Thieves Never Come Back
Grizzly Bear On a Neck, On a Spit
DIIV Geist
St. Vincent Paris Is Burning
Company of Thieves Look Both Ways
ODESZA How Did I Get Here
Cally D This Little World
Mr FijiWiji Winter
LTR Live Simply

Bright, floaty synths and groovy, janglin’ drum beats run rampant through this playlist. This was designed to match the transition of fall to winter, and the cyclical nature of Mother Earth. At times, the sonic themes are warm and full; at others, brittle and hopeless. The coming shortened days and frigid nights are not easy to bare; may this take you one hour closer to spring. Put this on to warm your cockles.

– W

Download Link 


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Listen Both Ways

This one’s for Kelsey (and probably any other fans of Florence & The Machine, Of Monsters & Men, The Hush Sound, anything indie/folk/soul/big band/pop really).

Click To Download Full Album “Running From A Gamble”


The Chicago based quartet is really growing on me, and it hasn’t taken long. Their energy and life pops without coming across as overbearing or annoying, as many female-fronted electrifolk acts have the tendency to do. Fronted by vocalist/founding member Genevieve Schatz, she is urgent and powerful in her message; all the while, maintaining an attractively creepy tone with eccentric syllable pronunciation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that for 4 minutes in a coffee shop, my life turns into a musical episode of a sitcom and this will be what everyone is belting. Put this on to help discover the wonders of caffeine.


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Watercolor paintings that make up a scrapbook

Full and focused, in an empty/confused sort of way. It’s supremely chill. Put this on while rinsing the ink out of your brain wrinkles.


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“From the cave of snail shells echoes the mutter medieval spells”

This one gets weird and so can you. 15 tracks that keep the groove ever-a-changing. Highlights include CFCF, CocoRosie, and a mellow breakfast-time Sufjan Stevens Remix.  Put this on while fondling ghosts.


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Take “Nocturne” to help experience dreams

Artist: Wild Nothing

Album: Nocturne

Genre: Dream-Pop/Boy Toy

Photo couresty of wildnothing.bigcartel.com

Imagine falling asleep under a tree in a secluded park. Half-resting, your mind begins to drift into dreams of your past. Important childhood memories softly hover just below you. They are blurred and out of focus, but emotionally resonant. You gradually return through important moments of your life, to your comfortable body. Rested and positive, you rise and life goes on.

Nocturne by Wild Nothing is the soundtrack to that dream journey. Artfully arranged, everything floats into one movement; one gentle, blushed sigh. The entire album was written and recorded by Jack Tatum, the founder of Wild Nothing, who only uses other members for live performance. Influence of “Gemini,” Jack’s first album, is unmistakably present. This is still the same artist with the same approach to songwriting, but everything shines to a clearer resolve. Jack’s vocals maintain a constant flux from coherent to unintelligible, resulting in a sensual ambiguity akin to other shoegazers.

There is a gentle innocence here, as he chants “you can have me” during the albums title track. I find myself giving into the notion that I might want to, if only to comfort him. It is not until “Through The Grass” that Jack’s delineation from previous work is clear. He sacrifices melodic definition for something more ethereal. The build is slow and wonderful and I don’t really want it to end. Transitioning triumphantly, “Only Heather” resounds with a gentle grip labeled hope.

“Paradise” is where Jack’s musical maturity becomes apparent as the album-long movement shows focus and direction. Tonal choices bring to mind a ferry ride at night, driving through the city in summer, and washed out camera lenses. By track ten, “The Blue Dress,” the movement has somehow evolved, subtly. “Rheya,” the album’s final track is a festival of lights, lifting my spirits and bringing me back to consciousness.

Darkness has been resolved, unrest has ended and progress has been made. At the album’s completion, just like waking, it’s suddenly over and I’m left a bit fuzzy on all the details.


Free stream of the album below:

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Week 1: New Playlist

This is the first in a series of weekly playlists. Sometimes they will be themed, this one is not. I will try to upload playlists of 12 tracks or more, every Wednesday. This week features a simply beautiful acoustic piece by The Narrative, a smoothed-out bass heavy Bon Iver remix, and more. Enjoi

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