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Watercolor paintings that make up a scrapbook

Full and focused, in an empty/confused sort of way. It’s supremely chill. Put this on while rinsing the ink out of your brain wrinkles.


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Dance Hall Dose 2

Photo courtesy of seacater.com

This week’s Dance Hall Dose takes a different direction, one that I plan to continue. It is a post-game soundtrack. There’s plenty of high energy dance music available on a Saturday night, so it’s my goal to provide you something that’s not. Here’s a 7 song collection of glitchy/triphop/chillout tunes for letting your brain rest after you’ve pumped fresh drinks and phresher beats into that dome piece. Put this on to unwind from the night with good friends and silent grins; a job well done, you party pioneer.



*Grooveshark is updating a lot of their site, which includes embedding playlists. So, for the time being:

Click to open Playlist

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“From the cave of snail shells echoes the mutter medieval spells”

This one gets weird and so can you. 15 tracks that keep the groove ever-a-changing. Highlights include CFCF, CocoRosie, and a mellow breakfast-time Sufjan Stevens Remix.  Put this on while fondling ghosts.


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Week 1: New Playlist

This is the first in a series of weekly playlists. Sometimes they will be themed, this one is not. I will try to upload playlists of 12 tracks or more, every Wednesday. This week features a simply beautiful acoustic piece by The Narrative, a smoothed-out bass heavy Bon Iver remix, and more. Enjoi

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