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The Clock On the Wall Has Been Stuck at 3 for Days and Days

With a newfound understanding of the true meaning of theses lyrics, I find myself in awe and amazement. What I had once believed was a mildly sentimental song about hanging on a shaky relationship, now transforms into a beautifully crippling heartwrench. “She said ‘It’s cold outside,” and she hands me a raincoat. She’s always worried about things like that.” I sit misty-eyed in front of my computer, replaying each of the lines in my head and everything resonates. Put this on to appreciate the magic that can only be achieved through song.

– W

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Allow Kevin Bacon two minutes to cool before serving

While the act of dancing is pivotal to plot of Footloose, recording artist Doveman doesn’t seem to care. This track isn’t meant for dancing; in fact, it feels most appropriate to play over a scene where a man repeatedly stalks a woman. The true perversion of this song’s message is brought to light with somber tone, icy keys, and an eerily failing voice. Feel free to listen to the entire soundtrack; he maintains consistent juxtaposition. Keep your dancing shoes where they are, draw the blinds, and put this on while remembering exes.


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